Melissa "Mel" Murray, Stylist-What can I say?! I love fashion. I love reading about it, shopping for it, talking about it, and putting it together. I’m always happy and willing to dispense advice on it-whether asked for or not. ;-) I’m a firm believer that leggings are not pants, neon should have stayed in the 80’s, if you’re paying for ripped jeans then you’re doing something wrong, and you should always dress your age, real age, not the one you think you are.

I’m a wife. A cat lover. A friend. A hostess. A former fashion blogger. And now, bringing my passion and love of styling and helping people feel/look great, to life. 

I read the more budget-friendly fashion magazines with the same gusto as high fashion ones. I am not a size 2 and my bank account reminds me that I’m a Chanel girl with an H&M budget. And I love the challenge of that. 

 Through the Wardrobe

I've been styling my friends and family for years as a side project, while maintaining a full time job. Whether it was helping them go through their closets, styling for events or family pictures, I loved being able to help and make the people I love feel confident and happy with their look.  A few years back, my husband and I relocated to Buffalo, NY from San Diego, CA, and with that came new seasons to explore and new people to assist. 

Through the Wardrobe is a reminder that we all can feel confident and happy with our appearance just by changing a few things. Let me help you. Nobody can do everything by themselves.