"Melissa has helped me put together outfits numerous times! Sometimes it was simple advice on which jewelry to pair with an existing outfit or which new shoes to buy to update my shoe rack. Most recently she helped me select coordinating outfits for family pictures. We started with a dress for my daughter and she suggested which colors to pull out of the dress to incorporate into the rest of the outfits. I had the benefit of shopping with her & we got an outfit for all 4 members of my family in no time. Thank you Melissa!"


-Amy in San Diego, CA

"If you do not have a personal stylist, you need to contact Melissa Murray and Through the Wardrobe now!  It is a budget-friendly service that every professional woman needs.  I am an attorney, and had fallen into a rut with my wardrobe. Melissa transformed my boring attire, and gave me the push I needed to step out of my tiny little box.  Her encouragement and ability to bring out my best features has increased my confidence and improved my professional image.  Melissa listened to my concerns and preferences and helped me figure out what looks good on my body type.  She took me shopping and suggested combinations and pieces that I would not have normally picked out myself, but then absolutely loved immediately after trying them on.  Since wearing her picks, I have been receiving compliments from colleagues and friends alike.  Melissa has even helped me style my two young daughters for important milestones and has been instrumental in filling their closets with the basics that every stylish kid needs.  My next step is to have Melissa and Through the Wardrobe do a Full Closet Consultation, and I cannot wait to see the results!"

-Marybeth in Buffalo, NY

"Melissa has been a godsend when it comes to helping me put together outfits. I used to be a flip flops, jeans, tank top, and no jewelry kind of gal, but over the years, thanks to Melissa’s help, I have been pulled away from that “uniform.” She has showed me that with simple changes-nice flats, as opposed to flip flops, a blouse instead of a tank, and adding a fun necklace, viola a new, much more stylish “uniform.” She has also helped broaden my mind when it comes to pairing different patterns and colors, as well as helped me streamline what I should and shouldn't buy.

Most recently, she helped style an outfit for an anniversary party for me. As I was six months pregnant at the time, it was important to find something cute, but also comfortable and cost efficient. In my mind this was no easy task! Melissa made it feel effortless, and I ended up with an adorable black and white dress, which we accented with pops of purple and pink accessories, all for a great price!

Melissa is great to work and shop with, and will be totally honest with you, which is much appreciated in my mind. I really feel that my wardrobe is much more versatile and fun than it was pre-Melissa. I can’t wait to collaborate with her on my next outfit! Thanks Melissa!"

-Vanessa in McFarland, CA

"“HELP!!! I don’t know what to wear!!!” This is a call (or really a text) that Melissa has gotten from me too many times to count and she has come through on every occasion! She knows my closet inside and out (no pun intended) and has helped pull perfect outfits together for me. When giving me recommendations for new outfits she is aware of what I already own and is able to suggest items to complement those pieces. I love the fact that she is willing to work within my budget, which at times is very slim, and make me feel like I haven’t been added to the fashion black list since I’m not spending big bucks to look fashionable."

-Malia in San Diego, CA

"I was stuck in a style rut and urgent need of fashion assistance. After giving birth to my daughter and going back to work, nothing fit nor looked good. I was turning 30 and celebrating in Napa and wanted some special items for the occasion. I enlisted the help of Melissa Murray and she was the perfect person for the job. Shopping with her was an amazing experience. She picked out some outfits for me to try on and they were all perfect! She opened my eyes to a whole new color palate and found some cute and comfortable dresses for me to wear. The best part of the experience was Melissa, walked me through each item listing other tops and bottoms I could pair them with turning a dress from a daytime brunch outfit to a date night dress with the hubby. Now I feel like I can conquer my 30s and more with the new wardrobe I have and the help of my new stylist!"

-Joslyn in San Diego, CA

“I recently worked with Melissa to help me prepare for a gala. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Melissa really got to know me and my style before moving forward. She listened to my concerns and was prompt, courteous and responsive. My biggest concern was branching out of my comfort zone. Melissa found a perfect outfit for me, and was so helpful managing my last minute panic attacks. I am so grateful to have met her and will definitely work with her in the future.”

-Liz in Buffalo, NY

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